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Date Advertised: 26th Jun 2020

Keywords: ORC • LEO RC • Le Orc

Notes: Plates are currently on a SORN vehicle. Sales over 600 include the Fiesta its on

Seller Name: David D.

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RCN£3,450ME51 ERC£500BO20 SSS£1,150E20 PWR£600ME20 ERC£750LE63 NDU£1,199K377 LEXMake OfferNC55 TLE£50,000L9 KTH£450JU57 BNBMake OfferRIL 337£1,750J90 KWH£599MC14 WON£999E11 KYM£1,000LE55 TOPMake OfferBO11 LER£10,000T11 TYU£699AL06 EEXMake OfferC20 SUS£820SX06 ALX£250TT15 HOT£1,2002 GHT£10,000DB11 TOP£2,500B13 TLE£1,500K888 RLB£350C20 LER£250L33 PMJ£900J888 BHS£450K18 LLE£1,500Y444 BUG£350P100 LOO£500ADD 13Y£5,500 + VATL3 PCN£800H7 KLT£750G11 ESJ£2,000G10 DEN£2,500V12 FFEMake OfferA11 CHJ£650N7 FUL£600H3 HER£2,250X28 ASH£3,000SIB 6825£600J444 COP£350E1 CNU£1,100YEZ 2222£850ALZ 1971£450NA55 BEE£250Y21 KYL£500LE51 YEY£1,500LS08 LEW£700SE11 SUM£40,000L55 CPR£500NN11 KKZ£6,500CF03 LEY£750G947 BEV£700 + VATSAL 99R£3,200K1 RUNMake OfferBEE 2L£2,000329 FAX£1,0002 ALE£10,000JA02 LEAMake OfferR21 YLE£2,200RUN 12£15,0008 LEW£16,0006 GYJ£1,999A15 XXAMake OfferT200 JULMake OfferH411 EMS£1,795MIL 644£1,300PAS 51TMake OfferCR15 FOXMake OfferV12 LEE£2,495LE15 LEY£10,000HC03 LEEMake OfferS20 ELE£350DDD 4D£1,900M17 RBS£750BEN 54V£1,950LIW 666£1,19923 WD£4,750M99 LEC£500E18 EAR£1,000PL16 FOX£1,200TE17 RLEMake Offer333 AE£4,100BEV 41N£3,000 + VATG13 CAB£2,600N7 LEW£1,500K1 MMY£50,000WAX 1X£2,950D6 CUB£350MIL 522£1,450G11 ENMMake OfferASH 279BMake OfferPJG 5£18,500BB04 RAD£60099 TNK£1,495K31 NTS£4,750LXI 650£360S33 KYLMake OfferH34 LYS£5,750J541 EEM£2,950P541 EEM£2,950LE19 HHS£1,750SN14 WAZ£3,450BEV 641S£900 + VATBEV 61A£1,800 + VATJN06 LESMake Offer4 CFYMake OfferMOL 10YMake Offer3 BTOMake OfferCH14 LEE£1,000L6 BUX£300GEM 555Make OfferE13 NST£500Y21 CLE£700S31 CDJMake OfferBN16 ELS£2,750JUI 1439Make OfferL6 FEE£1,500LO04 MCN£675 + VATL6 SLG£600MIL 577£1,750Y2 DLR£795LEW 155BMake OfferE13 KYM£2,400 + VATLJE 551E£1,950514 V£5,750VAR 9Y£2,500C984 LEE£1,100LEW 700D£800 + VATMIL 833£1,350L25 WAN£850ROI 187£1,100S30 ACSMake OfferP6 LEY£1,800BEV 6A£3,000 + VATE36 BEV£1,000 + VATM1 BUC£2,000EU20 BYEMake OfferY10 BTL£500V13 WALMake OfferF7 LLS£1,300AA69 LEX£1,450H19 ADMMake OfferNFC 1X£3,450V14 ELSMake OfferY541 EEM£2,950A1 ENNMake OfferM321 LEY£1,200 + VATM31 LYS£800 + VATM123 LEY£1,200 + VATHE11 KAT£8,000XO04 BEVMake OfferNC08 OLE£2,0008000 LM£5,450C18 LES£2,500 + VATJUL 149M£1,500 + VATE14 LEE£1,700D11 NKY£18,870P12 BUG£1,495BPB 354£2,995AFZ 559£1,250AFZ 883£1,050P31 GGS£1,750LFZ 969£399GFZ 464£399HFZ 494£399NTY 742£1,995J4 PFAMake OfferV11 NJR£1,000F9 BUG£5,500 + VATF11 ESA£750MIL 223£1,350A5 MLR£600CO11 EGE£2,500SUA 5H£3,450R54 LLY£2,450N21 JCM£7502 JOG£20,000L66 YLE£1,000 + VATK90 KLE£500V13 TLE£1,200 + VATJNZ 1066Make OfferL31 LLE£2,000 + VATLEZ 5684£300 + VATS3 LEX£1,200 + VATLEX 777V£1,250 + VATLEW 75J£2,500 + VATLEV 31L£1,800 + VATT777 LES£500 + VATY900 LEN£600 + VATL14 LEN£600 + VATN777 LEE£1,200 + VATM222 LEE£1,300 + VATK15 LEE£1,700 + VATC673 LEE£900 + VATLEA 198V£1,000 + VATG30 RDE£5,000EL02 ASL£150L999 TJB£450H31 LNS£2,500 + VATL31 THX£1,450L31 CHS£2,450MIL 551£1,950ALE 186£3,600XO58 ASH£750GSK 323£1,390JU63 BEV£90069 NU£9,500J382 ASH£700 + VATBU66 BLS£600LIL 7908£800D19 ALX£750A85 ONS£2,450RO53 BUDMake OfferT10 OLB£500PH17 NTM£4,450CL19 WON£2,750SW19 WMB£7,450SW19 LTA£7,450L6 EKH£800GIL 755£1,400LIL 511£1,950W111 GLS£1,000SH14 ANT£1,75019 LES£5,500R2 LES£2,500ROY 540EMake OfferRR17 YCE£4,450EU06 CUPMake OfferT6 LNT£9,999 + VATT16 VAL£1,000CR15 DUB£2,000B14 LES£5,500 + VATT15 ASH£1,500UBR 14N£3,450UKZ 112£595AS11 HAS£1,200 + VATR1 RKM£1,495TL04 TYL£170GLE 17W£1,800 + VATN666 LEN£1,000 + VATL9 SLY£9,500ADE 33L£20,000KN10 TLYMake OfferCH70 RGE£2,499 + VATC19 CMB£795TV 2£59,995MIL 733£1,350MIL 442£1,200MIL 224£1,350541 ECM£4,950541 CEM£4,950CA18 LES£3,250OO05 HELMake OfferK900 BUG£1,000 + VATL14 OVE£10,000JTF 10WMake OfferL8 MON£3,000R400 LES£700 + VATLES 345B£900 + VATR23 LES£600 + VATLEN 855P£800 + VATMU57 NOB£950SH11 NNY£4,450LE11 AHY£2,450AS62 LYS£550HE11 ELN£4,000S119 ASH£900 + VATL21 LLE£1,500 + VATRS02 BUG£795TXI 244£595OCZ 884£395HBZ 885£395UP20 MOTMake OfferLEA 44N£4,495N447 LEE£2,495D2 LEY£5,250AL70 EXX£1,950N27 TLE£1,995R1 JLP£1,400ALX 1A£8,000E4 TNG£900LEE 78A£3,000 + VATD85 LEW£800 + VATX92 GABMake OfferEAR 12L£2,550KAL 333B£2,7508 CYC£95,000OO07 RADMake OfferLA20 ADY£750TY18 ERW£388TT02 KYM£1,500WC03 GTRMake OfferFFY 1£15,000MIL 122£1,600S9 DAN£6,850HA11 LUN£600AU70 MEC£3,250K24 LEY£1,200 + VATK21 BLE£1,000 + VATAL20 EXX£1,950XX70 ASH£1,350AS70 LYS£750LIL 755£1,450LIL 688£1,250LIL 588£1,450LIL 533£1,450LIL 557£1,350LIL 488£3,450LIL 334£1,250LIL 244£1,250GIL 665£1,600GIL 566£1,750GIL 556£1,550LEE 86K£2,800 + VAT

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