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  • Manual valuation - Carried out by real people with years of experience in the private number plate market.
  • Thoroughly researched - Your valuation will be done using our brains, not using computer software.
  • Honest & impartial - We won't tell you it's worth less than it really is to incorporate commission like some dealers do.
  • Valuation certificate provided - By email within 48 hours, which you can show to potential buyers.
  • Ask questions - If you're unsure of anything & the person that valued your numberplate will personally answer them.
  • Low cost - Just £9.99 or FREE when you advertise your plate with a Premium Advert!

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  • I'm happy that your valuations are realistic compared to some of the sales prices quoted online.

    I have 22 RED, 33 RED and 55 RED along with MAD 4S, 21 CD, 3 SED & DOC 70M all of which you have valued and I'm comfortable that those valuations are correct.

    Andrew Duggan got his number plate valuation with us
    • Andrew Duggan
  • Thank you for an immediate response to my query and valuing my cherished plate, I am very happy with the valuation you gave.

    Kayleigh was very happy to learn how much her number plate was worth
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  • I'm happy that your valuations are realistic compared to some of the sales prices quoted online.

    I have 22 RED, 33 RED and 55 RED along with MAD 4S, 21 CD, 3 SED & DOC 70M all of which you have valued and I'm comfortable that those valuations are correct.

    Andrew Duggan got his number plate valuation with us
    • Andrew Duggan
  • Thank you for an immediate response to my query and valuing my cherished plate, I am very happy with the valuation you gave.

    Kayleigh was very happy to learn how much her number plate was worth
  • Very impressed with Plate Trader, they've helped me sell two reg plates now and were very efficient and professional on both occasions. I would definitely recommend them. For an easy, quick sale these are the guys to use. Thank you very much.

    Duncan Bannatyne
    • Duncan Bannatyne OBE D.Sc. DBA
    • Chairman - The Bannatyne Group
  • I have just sold my plate OO07 AGB via your website and think the service you offer is fantastic. I was a bit put off using you at first because I saw that I had to pay to advertise without knowing if my plate would sell, and I was also concerned about arranging the transfer of the plate myself as I thought this might be complicated.

    I needn't have worried though as my plate sold in less than 4 months and the transfer couldn't have been more straightforward.

    What I like most about advertising with you is that I set the asking price - I also had it listed on another website but they added £400 commission onto the price which obviously minimised the chances of me selling it.

    Fantastic service, keep up the great work.

    • Alan G. Bickley
    • Staffordshire
  • I would definitely recommend you to anyone buying or selling a number plate. I usually advertise my plates on Pistonheads but I came across your website and it’s the only dedicated number plate advertising site I’ve seen so I thought I’d give it a try.

    My plate 12 BYD was listed in minutes and it sold in just a month! You have a great website which makes it very easy to sell (or buy) and I like that everything is done online and is really simple. Great service.

    Greg Wheeler
    • Greg Wheeler
    • Hampshire
  • Sold my plate F6 SHY from the first enquiry after around 6-8 weeks on your site. Very happy, got pretty much what I wanted for it - much lower than valuation admittedly but weighed that up against someone actually being interested to buy it, and it was still over twice what I was offered to 'sell to stock' by another plate selling site.

    Thank you for the great service and online guides, and feel free to use this as a testimonial from me on your site.

    All the best.

    Matthew Potter
    • Matthew Potter
    • Leeds
  • Just wanted to say a massive thank you for selling my number plate T70 BAD for me - in just a week!

    At first I didn’t understand how your website worked as it’s different to how I have bought and sold plates in the past, but your video explained everything.

    I much prefer the fact that you get direct contact with the buyer and can negotiate a price, for me that really stood out.

    I would definitely recommend you to anyone thinking of selling, and will use you again in future.

    Bradley Hart
    • Bradley Hart
    • Brighton
  • I have just sold my plate, 6 GYJ via Plate Trader, and was properly impressed with the experience. Having signed up for a free trial, I was pleasantly surprised to discover an email from the company with a PDF certificate, confirming valuation of my number plate. The document contained very thorough market research, so it was clear that quite some effort was put into this - and I had not even paid anything to them yet!

    The owner of the company is extremely helpful: I asked him a few questions about the plate, and he went out of his way to help, although that was well beyond the ad I put on their website.

    I placed my advert in March and managed to sell the plate in May, so just under 2 months later! Based on my experience, I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone wishing to buy or sell their private number plate.

    Alexey Sachkov
    • Alexey Sachkov
    • Finchampstead, Berkshire
  • Selling my plate (7271 JH) was quick and easy with, I was a little unsure as I hadn't really heard of them before but having perused their site and some of the other reviews I thought I would give it a go.

    There are a few options you can choose to advertise your plate depending on your personal preferences. The one I chose benefited from a valuation and a history of registration numbers which was very interesting but all benefited from the seller being in control. The site allowed me to write a message so potential buyers could see that I would be open to offers etc and this appeared to get the attention of a few watchers and as such the plate was sold to the 2nd person who enquired, this was all done and dusted in less than 2 months. It was also good to read the section on how to actually complete the sale making sure both parties felt secure during the transaction.

    I would definitely use them again and would have no obligation recommending them to anyone who, like me, has had a registration sat on other sites for years, the extremely small cost was definitely value for money.

    Jeff Higgs
    • Jeff Higgs
    • Manchester
  • Over the years I've bought various private plates, both personal and business related. As I started to feel like I was growing out of them, I decided to put them up for sale.

    I'd had some of them for sale with a dealer for 3-4 years and never heard anything but having recently come across Plate Trader, I decided to advertise five plates with them.

    The whole experience has been brilliant and I've already sold two plates (F1 ECH and F11 ECH) in less than 2 weeks!

    I now just need a hairdresser to buy my other three (S15 SOR, S155 ORS, S15 ERS)!

    Derek Fletcher
    • Derek Fletcher
    • Owner of Headhunters Hairdressers, Lancashire
  • Just sold my registration X400 DMS via your site.

    It was a very easy process putting the plate on and I knew it was easy to contact you if there were any problems or if I needed to make any alterations to the advertisement.

    I would definitely recommend you if someone had a plate to sell - it’s hassle free and won't break the bank.

    I wish you well with your business and if I ever need to sell a plate again I'll use your services.

    • Pam Senter
    • Warwickshire
  • Thank you for your help selling our plate D1 CRB.

    We did think twice about placing the advert on your site as you charge monthly but we also had the plate on 2 other sites and although they didn’t charge, when we saw how much commission they were adding onto the price we thought it was worth giving you a go.

    Out of the 3 sites we used, yours was the one that got us a buyer so you won hands down. We sold the plate in 6 months so what you are doing is obviously working.

    We really liked the guides which told us how to complete the payment and the sale and we liked that we were dealing direct with the person who was buying the plate.

    We’d definitely recommend you to anyone looking to sell!

    • Charles Battye
    • Yorkshire
  • Plate Trader is a pay to advertise, peer to peer site for car registrations. As the seller you are put in contact directly with your potential customer. You find the best price between you, allow them to make you an offer or fix a price and then agree the mechanism for transfer and payment. In my case everything was doable online and via established payment channels with protection.

    My main concern of using other agencies is you never deal with your customer and there is feedback that is hidden. This is not the case with Plate Trader. The buyer is your customer not theirs.

    I love the ability to own the process and give my own customer service for my unique registration.

    I would recommend this and will continue to use it. I have just sold P100 TLA and have already started my second listing.

    • Neville Karai
    • Gunnersbury, London
  • Thank you for all your help in the successful sale of my number plate, 12 BH.

    My initial worry was valuing the plate. You solved this problem by valuing it free as part of the first months advertising fee. In the event the valuation exceeded my expectations but was in line with my (professional) purchasers valuation, well done!

    You also provided help and advice in the actual purchase (delivery of certificate and receipt of payment).

    All in all you took all the stress out of, what was for me, an unfamiliar and worrying transaction.

    Thank you.

    Bernard Harrison
  • I came across Plate Trader when looking for a quick, straightforward way of selling my number plate (28 C) without paying huge commissions or it being 'marked up' by dealers to a price level that made it unappealing to buyers.

    Plate Trader fulfilled my requirements exactly. It is very quick and easy to set up an account (and unlike many web based ‘sales’ sites, you can still also speak to friendly and helpful staff if you need guidance). My plate was listed immediately and sold within a week. It is fair to say I was realistic about my asking price but nevertheless very happy with what I received and there were no fees attached.

    I would highly recommend Plate Trader and wish them all future success.

    Clare Scahill
    • Clare Scahill
    • Cheltenham
  • Excellent level of service from the team at Plate Trader. Always on hand to answer and questions. Did a great job of hold my hand with the sale of my plate, C2 KEN. Well done guys!

    David Murray
    • David Murray
    • Director at ADP Diamond Cutting Solutions Ltd, Plymouth
  • Found a genuine buyer for my plate ET11 HAD at a realistic price after advertising widely elsewhere. Buyer was happy to pay advertised price after I stood my ground. Excellent relationship with Plate-Trader management who publish my research extensively. Keep up the good work!

    Mike Oyston
    • Mike Oyston
    • Manchester
  • I'd definitely recommend Plate Trader. They helped me to sell my plate STE 11Y and were really professional throughout. My only regret is not using Plate Trader earlier as I wasted months with other private plate companies.

    Mark Stelling
    • Mark Stelling
    • London
  • I was contacted today through your website and we have completed the sale of M60 SJG in the last few minutes. Thank you very much for helping move the plate on to someone who will use it and for the follow up. I will definitely recommend your site to my friends.

    Mark Stelling
    • Samantha McCreath
    • Fleet, Hampshire
  • I have been collecting cherished numbers since 1988 and recently decided to advertise some of them for sale on I have just finalised the sale of one of the plates, CA11 RAY, via Plate Trader. The buyer got in touch and after agreeing a price, he paid me directly by bank transfer. The process was simple and I didn't have to give away any commission (which would have been hundreds of pounds with a dealer). Thanks a million, John.

    John Musgrove
    • John Musgrove
    • Birmingham
  • I was looking for somewhere to sell my number plate and came across your website on the first page of Google which I thought was impressive. I was a bit apprehensive though after seeing all these celebrities on your site because I hadn’t heard of you before. I thought I’d give you a chance anyway and listed my plate S300 JAK on the site.

    Creating the advert was really easy and I then started to get some helpful emails from you with suggestions on keywords and price etc. which was great. I added some more keywords based on your suggestions like Audi S3, Jack, Jacqueline etc. and set the price to ‘Make an offer’ which I think helped as not long after I got an enquiry about the plate. The first person to enquire actually drove over 250 miles to come and buy the plate from us!

    We had been advertising it elsewhere for over a year, but it sold with you guys in just 2 months! Great value for money, the small monthly charge is definitely worth every penny and I would definitely recommend you.

    Adam Parsons
    • Adam Parsons
    • Blyth, Northumberland
  • Sold my plate MAX 10P after having advertised on Plate Trader for just a month and a half! The buyer contacted me through the site and after exchanging about 4 emails we agreed a deal.

    Once he paid me the the process of transferring the plate was really simple and only took me about half an hour. Fantastic service and I’d definitely recommend you.

    • Brian McLeavy
    • Cheshire
  • I placed a Standard Advert for my number plate E15 JMS on Plate Trader in March 2016 and have just sold it now (June 2016). You have lots of clear information on your website on how to complete the sale and I’m really pleased with the outcome. I would 100% recommend you to anyone, great service.

    • Joanne
    • Grantham, Lincolnshire
  • Very pleased with the service from Plate Trader. I sold the plate YOU 1N and the process was easy. Also as a private seller, a member of the Plate Trader team advised me on the safest way of processing the transaction. I felt very safe in completing the sale.

    Yulia Solodova
    • Yulia Solodova
    • London
  • Just finalised the sale on my plate R111 CFC after advertising with Plate Trader for 2 months. The whole experience was fantastic. Really easy and straightforward to advertise and to complete the sale myself. I would definitely recommend you.

    • Dave Champion
    • Peterborough
  • Very easy to use website. I felt safe giving my payment details & I managed to sell my plate (K1 TJH) during my free trial!

    • Melissa Hussey
    • Surrey
  • Plate Trader helped me sell 321 T quickly, and were a pleasure to deal with.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Plate Trader to anyone looking to sell their plate, with the added benefit of keeping 100% of the selling price, as they don't charge commission like traditional brokers.

    • Ant W.
    • North Yorkshire
  • Plate Trader’s service is excellent. I advertised my number plate L13 SSA on the site and was contacted by a potential buyer, however he was skeptical about the process of buying privately. Plate Trader called me in the USA and also liaised with the buyer in the UK to put both parties minds at rest. I’m very impressed and appreciate their efforts.

    Elissa Lithman
    • Elissa Lithman
  • Thanks for everything, great service. My plate JIL 5151 sold with the help of you guys!

    Gavin John
    • Gavin John
    • Caerphilly
  • Your website works a treat, I get at least a couple of enquiries about my plates every month from it!

    Cape Plates
    • Bob O'Donnell
    • Managing Director of, Gateshead
  • I would like to thank the staff at Plate Trader for the smooth purchase of 6 AVS. Thanks for helping with the paperwork. Great smooth transaction.

    Author image
    • G.Singh
    • Wolverhampton
  • I would just like to thank you for your help in purchasing a number plate via your website. I was a little wary at first as I had never bought a plate privately before and when I first went on to the site I didn't realise that is what I had to do. My fears were put at ease by a prompt response to questions asked and even a personal phone call from a member of staff to ease my mind by giving me some further information.

    Being able to communicate with the seller was also a bonus with the seller being able to send me a photo of the certificate. All this made the transaction easy and pleasurable, and buying the plate through Plate Trader saved me a lot of money. Very pleased with the outcome. Thanks, Ian.

    • Ian Railton
    • North Lincolnshire
  • Very impressed with your site/service/system and would have no hesitation recommending it and using it again myself.

    Author image
  • I'm happy that your valuations are realistic compared to some of the sales prices quoted online.

    I have 22 RED, 33 RED and 55 RED along with MAD 4S, 21 CD, 3 SED & DOC 70M all of which you have valued and I'm comfortable that those valuations are correct.

    Author image
    • Andrew Duggan
  • Thank you for an immediate response to my query and valuing my cherished plate, I am very happy with the valuation you gave.

    Author image
  • Just a quick note to say THANK YOU!! Love the plate and your service is brilliant! I will definitely buy from you in future and recommend you to my clients. Again, thank you.

    Author image
    • Paloma Fort
    • Owner of Groovie Grooms, Enfield, London
  • Just bought a plate through your site and found the whole experience spot on. I literally just did a search for my name ‘Max’, found the plates listed, contacted the seller of one I liked and arranged the deal via email/text. Was all done in a few days!

    Max Bramwell
  • Thanks for your help, it has been a very easy service to use and good communication.

    Author image
    • Amanda Ross
  • Just sold the plate! Thanks for all your help.

    Author image
    • Maggie Childs
    • Bourton-On-The-Water
  • I found the site most useful in that I could place an advert without time restrictions and a sale was achieved eventually. Thanks.

    Author image
    • John Ayre
  • At last a company who do what they say on the tin. Thanks, brilliant.

    Author image
    • Rory Mynett
    • Buckinghamshire
  • Thanks again for a great service.

    Author image
    • Eoin Coffey
    • Waterford
  • Wanting to sell a number plate, I came across Plate Trader purely by chance.. and I'm glad I did! The service was extremely easy to use, information and help readily available and the results speak for themselves....I sold my plate, 831 KRL in less than 8 weeks! Also the buyer, who like me was a complete novice to this, found the whole process so easy. I would thoroughly recommend this site to anyone selling or wanting to buy a number plate.

    Cape Plates
    • Anthony Helmore
    • Rochester, Kent
  • Very happy to have sold my plate EV11 MAE so quickly. Will definitely be using your website again to either buy or sell a plate

    Cape Plates
    • Amanda Poole
    • Leicester

Frequently asked questions (click to expand)

Why is there a charge to value my number plate?

Plate-Trader is a number plate classifieds website and we are very different from number plate dealers. The majority of dealers use computer programs to generate automated valuations based on how many characters your plate is, the age & year etc. These computer programs can't spot the real meanings of plates or what the plates represent so they are often totally inaccurate! Many dealers then add your details to their database and advertise your number plate as being for sale on their website (they put a clause somewhere in the small print that allows them to do this) as they want to sell it on a commission basis.

Here at Plate-Trader, real people conduct extensive research into the whole number plate market and provide you with an honest and independent valuation, so unfortunately, for that reason we are unable to provide FREE number plate valuations. However, what we will do, is deliver a personal valuation certificate to you in under 48 hours, increasing your chances of selling, and most importantly, making sure you recieve your plates true value!

For just £9.99 we will assess the market value of your number plate and contact you within 48 hours with your valuation certificate.

When we assess the value of a number plate, we take into account many factors, such as the meaning of your plate and its appeal to others, its rarity, the style & number of digits that make up the plate, as well as the value of similar plates on the market, from other sources, such as...

• Number plate dealers
• DVLA auctions
• eBay & other classifieds throughout the internet.

How long will it take to receive my valuation?

As you've probably read above we state a turnaround time of 48 hours for all number plate valuations, however we will to get your valuation to you as soon as we can, and aim to send out most valuations within 24 hours.

What if I'm unhappy with the valuation provided?

We've carried out thousands of valuations and to date we haven't received a single complaint, but for your peace of mind we offer a full 14 day money back guarantee. Simply tell us why you're unhappy and let us look into it for you.

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