TV Dragon Sells Number Plate With Plate Trader


Duncan Bannatyne, Chairman of the Bannatyne Group, serial entrepreneur and investor, best known for his appearances on TV show Dragon’s Den, has sold his number plate, 6 AVS, via the fast-growing number plate classifieds website

He initially posted a tweet on Twitter to ask if anyone was interested in buying the plate, and from there we got in touch with his PA. 

Duncan agreed to advertise the plate via our site, which is a classifieds site for personalised number plates, allowing buyers and sellers to deal directly rather than through a dealer or middleman, saving both parties money as no commission is taken from sales.

Due to Duncan’s high profile, we agreed to handle any enquiries about the plate to stop any bogus queries from coming through.  

A few months later, we received interest from Mr G. Singh, who had found the plate on our site and was interested in purchasing it. He made an offer and after some negotiating, a deal was agreed.

We helped to advise both parties on how to complete the paperwork, which is one of the main things that puts people off selling privately (if you need advice on this please take a look at our guide to selling your number plate), and the sale was concluded.

Speaking of the service, Duncan Bannatyne said “Very impressed with Plate Trader, they were very efficient and professional in selling my reg plate. I would definitely recommend them. For an easy quick sale these are the guys to use, thank you very much.”. 

The buyer, Mr Singh, sent us the below photo of the registration on his vehicle, and also echoed Duncan’s comments, adding “I would like to thank the staff at Plate Trader for the smooth purchase of 6 AVS. Thanks for helping with the paperwork. Great smooth transaction.

Duncan’s plate joins other great plates like ET11 HAD that have sold via the Plate Trader site recently.

If you’re interested in learning about how to buy a number plate or sell your number plate privately, take a look around our website, we’d love to help you

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