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How it works

• Deal directly with buyers

• No middlemen, no commission

• Keep 100% of your selling price

• Get seen by a huge audience

Why sell your number plate with us?

  • Your advert will display a contact form which allows buyers to get in touch with you directly.
  • You'll arrange the sale privately and you'll keep 100% of your plates selling price - there are no middlemen so there's no commission or cut taken from your sale.
  • You'll save hundreds or possibly even thousands of pounds compared to selling on auction sites or with dealers (eBay charge a 10% fee & dealers take around 30% commission).
  • You'll have the support of our expert team, who are on hand to help with any queries, such as how to take payment from your buyer, how to transfer the plate into their name, & much more.
  • Your plate will be seen by thousands of number plate buyers who visit this site every week and could reach the top of search engines (see examples).
  • Your plate will be promoted to over 60,000 number plate fans & followers across our social networks.

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As you can see from these screenshots, many of our adverts have reached the top of search engines, giving them huge exposure to potential buyers*.

KAR1L advert on at the top of Bing for the search term 'Karl number plate'. BO11LER advert on at the top of Google for the search term 'Boiler number plate'. S88WAY advert on at the top of Bing for the search term 'Subway number plate'. BR07KER advert on at the top of Google for the search term 'Brooker number plate'. R16BY W advert on at the top of Bing for the search term 'Rigby number plate'. RRA661T advert on at the top of Google for the search term 'Rabbit number plate'.

*Although we do have many examples of adverts at the top of search engines for various search terms, we have no control over search engine rankings and cannot guarantee that your advert would achieve the same results.

Frequently asked questions (click to expand)

Should I sell my number plate privately?

We all know that when we sell a car privately, we get a better price for it, and selling a number plate is no different. When you sell privately, you cut out the middlemen (i.e. the dealers or auction websites), so you get your plates true value, and are not giving a percentage of the plates selling price away in commission or fees.

Number plate dealers are just like car dealers, they want their cut of the deal at your expense! What many of them do is offer you a "free instant valuation" on their website (which is often actually just a figure generated by a computer program) and they will email this to you instantly. The email is usually along the lines of... "Dear Mr Seller, A123 ABC is £600 to you, no deductions." They will then unless you specifically ask to opt out, advertise your plate for sale on their website at a much higher price, e.g. £1,000, and when they find a buyer, they'll pocket the £400 difference!!

Selling privately is obviously the way to make sure you get the full value of your number plate, but where do you advertise it and how do you make sure that it is getting seen by the right people? Well, you could try a card in your local supermarket? A local paper? A car forum? But are these places really going to find someone who is looking for the plate that you are selling? Probably not!

You could list it on eBay, but with listing fees, relisting fees and a 10% Final Value Fee this can end up costing nearly as much as going though a number plate dealer! Their search facility is quite limited which makes it hard for buyers to find your plate, and in our experience buyers tend to look on number plate websites for number plates, not eBay.

Our aim is to provide you with an alternative to number plate dealers or auction websites that demand a percentage of the money from the sale of your registration plate. We allow you to sell your registration plate privately, with no hidden charges or commission, allowing you to keep 100% of your plates selling price.

Place an advert with us and we will continue to advertise your plate until it's sold (no need to keep relisting). When it does sell, there's no commission taken. Our keyword search facility also lets you select your own keywords that you want your plate to show up in searches for, so you can make sure that your advert gets seen by people who are typing relevant keywords into our search box e.g. James for J44 MES.

Are there any risks to selling with you?

Absolutely not. Our mission is to change the way people buy and sell number plates forever, so our main goal is to help you sell your plate. If we do that, we know that you'll tell your friends about us and help us to grow even further.

As you'll see from our testimonials, we're also a really friendly bunch and we absolutely pride ourselves on our customers satisfaction, so you can be assured that we'll look after you.

Finally, we don't tie you into any contracts, so if you're not happy with our service, you can cancel or remove your advert at any time.

How long will it take to sell my plate?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and it's a difficult one to answer as some plates can be snapped up very quickly, where others can take many months to even receive an enquiry. This is because firstly, number plates are luxury items that not everyone wants or can afford, but more importantly because unlike cars, most number plates only appeal to a small number of people to whom they have a meaning (e.g. the number plate 1 JDS could be hugely appealing to John David Smith, but would probably mean nothing to you or I).

This is why advertising on websites like eBay for example can be so frustrating, as you have to keep relisting your advert and hoping that someone that your plate means something to, will be searching on eBay for a number plate within the short window that your auction is running for. We elimate that frustration and allow you to continue advertising until your plate sells.

As a general rule, the plates that sell the quickest are:

• Highly sought after & popular words, names, surnames or initials e.g. S1 NGH
• Dateless number plates e.g KM 1
• Plates with smaller numbers and fewer digits e.g F1 ABC
• Plates that don't need any modifications e.g GE07 RGE

If your plate doesn't fall into one of these categories, don't despair. You may still be able to sell it quickly if you price it sensibly, and with our advertising costs starting at just £29.95 for a whole year, there's no need to worry about ongoing costs of advertising.

What happens when I find a buyer and we agree a price, how do we complete the sale?

Selling a number plate is no more difficult than selling a car, but many people are unsure of the process and what forms need to be completed etc. For this reason we've outlined the process in a few easy steps below.

The first step is to arrange the payment for the registration. For the buyers peace of mind you may want to send them a photograph of your V5, Retention Document or Certificate of Entitlement to prove that you own the plate, but make sure you conceal the certificate number/reference number as it's possible for someone to instantly transfer your private plate to their car using these numbers. For the actual payment, we recommend using a secure service such as Paypal which provides peace of mind and protection to both parties.

With the payment completed, you now need to transfer the registration. If it's currently on a vehicle then you should take it off and put it onto a retention certificate. You can do this using the DVLA's new online service here or if you're old fashioned you can complete a V317 application form (available here). It costs £80 to do but this includes the Assignment Fee, meaning that the buyer doesn't have to pay any more fees to put the plate onto their vehicle.

Once the number plate is off the vehicle and 'on retention' you can transfer it to the buyer. The easiest way to do this is to give the buyer the Certificate Number, and direct them to the DVLA website here. This will allow them to assign the registration to their vehicle instantly online and in doing so, will transfer rights/ownership of the registration to them. Alternatively, if they'd prefer the postal method, then you just need to sign & date in Sections 1 & 6 or your Retention Document and post it to the buyer using a trackable postal service. This also allows them to assign the registration to their vehicle and transfers rights/ownership of the registration to them.

How much is my number plate worth?

Like anything else, a number plate is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Generally speaking, the less you have to think about what a number plate reads, or the shorter the plate, the better, although this is not always strictly true. There are many considerations when putting a monetary value on a particular plate, such as its age, its rarity or exclusivity and what it represents.

Number plates are a very specialised product, and valuing them can be difficult, that's why we offer a comprehensive number plate valuations service. For just £9.99 you can have your plate independently valued by people with years of experience in the number plate market, and have a certificate to prove the plates value! Alternatively, as you can see above, all Premium Adverts placed on our site include a FREE valuation!

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