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Date Advertised: 12th Jan 2021

Keywords: WIN DF • WIND F • WIN • W1 • NDF

Notes: I Have plate on retention

Seller Name: david F.

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50L£5,750L44 DDD£500W1 FAT£2,250B6 PES£950F10 SKY£1,600C10 FAB£999P16 TDW£500X14 JNY£800B19 DMO£795C3 FCO£499K13 SFM£500B9 ATR£810V8 GGF£995X6 JJP£1,200H155 KET£350G10 DEN£2,500V12 FFEMake OfferFER 512W£2,500 + VATV72 FCHMake OfferMFZ 393£450W111 DRY£5,000N7 FUL£600H3 HER£2,250P1 RFF£1,600F34 RED£1,200F4 SUL£1,500A1 JRO£4,250FU11 FAT£11,950W4 CBC£199MIG 488£2,750T9 BUF£600MU52 ANG£7,500ED51 WFT£6,000LU57 CYX£750ST03 GDT£450W111 WBF£1,000ST54 ORD£800F4 NKY£1,200MC61 WON£1,500HO12 RNY£12,000MY59 URS£10,000M14 OLF£1,100BA55 STR£1,000CF03 LEY£750OAS 198£4,000DRA 1K£2,750FTO 80L£2,000RDA 3R£1,000J1 BHFMake OfferRAF 31£5,000329 FAX£1,0001 OHT£12,5005 EXE£99,999LBG 3£8,500N10 MGF£500PR21 VAT£1,195NAM 6X£1,250SAZ 21£5,000NO 4£60,000B8 KFB£595F1 TSO£5,2006 GYJ£1,999BF 13£4,995DAZ 4248£660EV11 FERMake OfferSO16 PHY£3,999FS 8679£2,200 + VATW4 RADMake OfferF19 MRCMake OfferJA66 UAS£1,500CR15 COXMake OfferDJ54 GEF£260111 VVV£25,000CR15 FOXMake Offer5 UV£995,000F6 SHY£650M13 UTD£1,999 + VATL5 LOLMake OfferXO02 MOOMake OfferDDD 4D£1,900F1 CUB£3,500F10 WND£1,500J444 SSCMake OfferTH15 ACE£3,395X21 CLA£600LIW 666£1,199SH11 TOT£9,999F1 WLWMake OfferM99 LEC£500PL16 FOX£1,200BO05 TDD£1,000FRE 51D£1,500 + VATF16 RRY£850W5 DAB£900YE58 ALL£7,500M9 TFYMake Offer97 MKMake Offer1 DGDMake OfferBO51 FEZ£300JF 724£3,400R123 MFC£1,250FIL 6189£500 + VATFAZ 218£999GAF 199V£800 + VATR111 CFC£650Y6 RFCMake OfferS3 AFCMake Offer42 FT£8,500F6 EDSMake OfferX5 GFWMake OfferBA18 OAS£2,750C6 AFCMake OfferGT14 DEB£1,399PJG 5£18,500FIL 277£1,400 + VAT99 TNK£1,495T4 SFH£500F1 AOCMake OfferV600 MFF£409MC17 YYY£2,500RS06 JONMake OfferD1 FRSMake OfferBIG 595£1,750140 MPHMake OfferJ55 MFCMake OfferR80 ALF£799G5 ELF£3,000GT14 VAGMake OfferFB12 TOY£1,750FFF 15H£12,000M21 FTY£2,500AN05 OWLMake OfferKS04 FOX£7994 CFYMake OfferH5 GOY£90LUS 50X£7,450GT69 FER£2,999FAV 45CMake OfferA3 FCO£399R500 SJE£34961 NCH£9,750FA 6Make OfferF3 OJH£350FR02 ERN£15,000H8 UVW£450T77 PEF£499SFU 12S£2,250FIL 8314£600 + VATK155 MAFMake OfferMY18 ROXMake OfferVW12 URF£650L6 FEE£1,500T121 CTY£350H45 ANGMake OfferS55 DWF£450PO18 GBAMake OfferGE02 GEFMake OfferK17 MCFMake OfferP17 YNG£650FPS 7£3,950H5 UTDMake OfferF2 DGEMake Offer400 FH£5,500F15 OTH£2,250CR14 ZYS£3,950E7 ERFMake OfferJN11 FER£7,500970 WTF£1,200FE57 CAR£1,250F3 KOF£20,000TO05 JCK£75078 FZ£3,300CH55 FOX£1,500J60 JFS£400B6 REF£500F6 CLA£35043 RBF£1,200F8 GEDMake OfferURS 500Make OfferFRY 3D£5,600 + VATL8 ABXMake OfferE1 RFC£2,200F106 EMA£550 + VATL7 ARF£880 + VATCA11 OFD£40,000GR60 RADMake OfferF14 GDGMake OfferR47 WAN£999655 DMFMake OfferCAZ 1371£699FO 8879£1,400 + VATOO11 ANF£9,600768 FS£3,500 + VATFIW 455£700 + VATY1 SAF£2,500F27 DLWMake OfferJ83 NNY£2,000R12 FMR£395MTY 1£35,000F7 LLS£1,300505 VT£17,950NFC 1X£3,450FA16 ALS£4,950FL17 YDS£1,500RA55 FVYMake OfferFAT 13Y£1,500 + VATFEZ 3197£300 + VATP9 SFC£890FIG 9111£450PU51 ALE£1,500RFZ 1703£80 + VATE14 LEE£1,700N1 MTFMake OfferL5 JEN£1,500LFZ 969£399GFZ 464£399HFZ 494£399BO55 SEE£10,000LF11 TEF£7003000 TJMake OfferJ4 PFAMake Offer21 FC£13,500YOC 10Make OfferF9 BUG£5,500 + VATM155 FLKMake OfferF11 ESA£750GT18 OOM£2,45011 RF£17,000FS11 NGH£9,750X666 YAM£600F2 NMM£875T18 RAFMake OfferN8 PGF£250R24 FER£1,250F14 LOU£1,500 + VAT8 PRF£3,250R300 VWR£450JNZ 1066Make OfferFL08 EDEMake OfferY4 LFC£1,300 + VATKFZ 36£900 + VAT1838 KF£1,700 + VATFS04 ANN£599EFF 11A£749G8 MTFMake OfferCX17 JAG£2,000M11 FRB£300L44 RFC£1,095F1 URF£1,5003 TXF£1,900V6 FUU£1,400R10 AFB£375DC06 JAG£1,100JES 714F£900 + VATJEN 11S£2,800R9 SSO£5,000H6 FFA£1,250ROS 50£75,000T121 BTO£4,750KOW 62£1,800FER 328W£2,500 + VATP77 JFGMake OfferL1 BOK£1,000J3 MTFMake Offer5 TOY£20,000FA57 JEN£2,200BL69 NDE£2,498 + VATFOX 743V£1,000 + VATR12 AFT£1,750L5 MFJMake Offer1993 FM£1,600 + VATS80 FAN£2,000BEL 45F£1,200 + VAT149 MFCMake Offer1 PFY£27,000JEF 166£3,000F8 RRDMake Offer25 FAMake OfferK1 FJR£800 + VAT17 KFHMake Offer7379 MF£1,225IFZ 69£1,000 + VATEU06 CUPMake OfferCR13 EDS£1,750BFZ 950£350 + VATB4 FXB£550F6 PADMake OfferS5 APA£1,000 + VATJEF 21F£1,500 + VATJCF 709£1,500 + VATKJ02 FOXMake OfferAF 128£9,995AF 888£13,995F10 OWRMake Offer2108 AL£5,750M9 GEF£1,250673 RS£9,000 + VATB7 EEFMake OfferF6 RAAMake OfferSY21 CHO£3,000350 CF£5,000 + VATF6 UYS£1,975K11 PAF£80018 YE£11,995N11 FKS£580FHZ 880£350 + VATF50 EBO£10,000FLY 917TMake OfferGT06 EYE£4994522 FG£1,000 + VATF9 MLBMake OfferRO08 OFFMake OfferFPA 101£3,000 + VATFAZ 720£600 + VATFER 310D£2,500 + VATFER 512D£2,500 + VATB9 FSA£600DR55 FOX£899 + VATFER 599W£2,500 + VATFEZ 2074£300 + VAT10 LF£12,000FAY 54L£12,000 + VATF1 EDJ£60,000L14 OVE£10,000S66 TUD£500JTF 10WMake OfferCA09 DDY£1,200 + VATL8 MON£3,000F308 MAG£500 + VATS2 FWP£510SCF 888C£700 + VAT8704 SF£2,400 + VAT2412 TF£1,800 + VATVFR 800H£1,200 + VATB3 JRF£995FLO 21B£1,200 + VATSV11 FTY£1,895FAN 63Y£1,995FAT 711Y£2,499K14 FAY£695TR18 OUTMake OfferGG05 GEF£399F11 MAR£1,895FA14 ZAN£10,000FR18 NCE£3,495RFM 806L£250SXF 45£2,250F1 PFC£1,950FA57 URS£2,495E4 TNG£900N16 AFSMake OfferFUG 61E£2,500 + VATMGF 11A£1,200 + VATP2 CFR£299L5 FAY£1,500 + VATFF 8757£1,800 + VATFIL 5277£500 + VATH1 PHFMake OfferG4 KPF£350NJ07 UFCMake OfferK155 RFJMake OfferA3 FUUMake OfferFHH 341K£50 + VATKXF 513K£50 + VATSPV 12S£2,950F111 LAMMake OfferS3 JFP£1,195BY70 YOU£400T4 OPR£600M155 CLB£1,600AFW 987A£100 + VATHA11 CYAMake Offer429 ALFMake OfferD11 FTA£500H7 MEF£500AFW 744A£100 + VATEP05 XXX£300K121 FTY£800 + VATK31 FTY£1,000 + VATK321 FTY£800 + VATDW08 AMG£600G8 HOYMake OfferCE08 OSSMake OfferMU57 ENGMake Offer32 FJ£4,995RC02 FOX£500MIG 595£1,750LIL 488£3,450YAS 33F£1,000 + VATLUK 6F£3,000 + VATAFW 722A£50 + VATFL05 TOYMake OfferA15 FAY£550MO03 LFC£499 + VATB8 AGF£1,195FNP 568W£35 + VATAFC 291V£700 + VATS1 CFO£10,000W5 SFSMake OfferK50 AFLMake OfferDV08 FRGMake OfferFL15 BBEMake OfferY20 GTD£500S6 FOX£2,750 + VATD5 AFB£395E15 GEF£795E4 GEF£1,495E4 LFC£1,995EFC 202A£550EFC 850£4,000F17 LMC£695F3 RMM£1,195F5 MGD£495F7 BJM£1,295F7 ECM£995FBR 8B£1,695FCB 342£3,500FIW 527£695FJD 318£1,695FJR 534£2,750FRC 179£1,995G13 EFC£750JFL 859£2,750MFK 492£995MNF 990£1,395PFC 980£2,495PFW 4V£795PFW 58£3,495PFW 678£1,595J333 NYHMake OfferS4 SRF£1,995SF 148£9,995TFW 668£1,195JGF 4T£2,995S71 CFC£1,995A45 FAY£995694 FDM£8956769 FD£1,695663 FS£3,995538 AWF£1,4954097 FH£1,195312 BFH£895 108 EFC£2,995W18 JBW£500W15 HYU£1,000W14 EVAMake OfferW11 SAPMake OfferW18 DEL£400SW19 WMB£7,450SW19 LTA£7,450W111 GLS£1,000W16 PAT£1,100 + VATW1 RHAMake OfferTW13 NTY£2,995W121 ROS£750W13 BRY£795W19 PJC£795W19 SRH£995

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