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Date Advertised: 22nd Dec 2021

Keywords: SE15 DOG SE15 DOG SELLS DOG SELL SOLD PUP FARM • FARMER • MOO • COW • COO • GUN • BAA • TUP • EWE • RAM • LOG • VET • HOG • PIG • DOG • HUNT • BALE • BALER • HAY • BULL • CALVE • HORSE • PHEASANT • GAME • BIRD • David • John • Paul • Andrew • Peter • James • Robert • Mark • Richard • Susan • Stephen • Margaret • Sarah • Christopher • Ian • Steven • Thomas • William • Alan • Anthony • Patricia • Elizabeth • Mary • Simon • Julie • Brian • Karen • Christine • Daniel • Helen • Martin • Emma • Linda • Matthew • Kevin • Jean • Philip • Jane • Janet • Lisa • Gary • Claire • Nicola • Colin • Joan • Graham • Jennifer • Barbara • George • Neil • Keith • Michelle • Joanne • Angela • Carol • Ann • Laura • Lee • Jacqueline • Sharon • Rebecca •

Notes: BIG REG LTD is a family run business who specialise in the sale of Private Registration Plates to the UK market from our base in Central Scotland. Go find a BIG REG!
BIG REG would be pleased to handle the entire assignment process on your behalf, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. BIG REG do not charge extra for this service.
If you don’t want us to assign the registration to your vehicle, we will update the DVLA V750 certificate of entitlement and post this to you. You will usually receive this in around 7 working days. Please note, due to COVID delays, this may take a little longer than usual.
Whether we assign the registration to your vehicle for you or send you the updated certificate, we do not charge any more than the asking price on the listing.
Please contact us by email if you are unsure of anything.

Seller Name: BIG REG Ltd

Issue Date:

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VATBOB 881Y£4,000 + VATW81 BOB£1,100 + VATC14 BOB£1,200 + VATDOB 805S£2,500 + VATHOB 835S£1,000 + VATROB 125R£1,350M36 ROB£1,600 + VATBB05 ROB£800ROB 23N£2,800 + VATP18 ROB£1,500 + VATY18 ROB£1,600 + VATROB 781Y£1,300 + VATK27 ROB£1,600ROB 10R£10,000PA10 ROB£1,250R1 NSC£1,750RH03 HAM£700R84 CON£2,450R11 RYM£10,000BER 7E£9,995BO18 BYS£7,450T23 RABSoldRBZ 35SoldBO18 BYD£1,500BC18 BYSSoldR10 OBBSoldA4 RJJSoldR1 OBBSoldM50 COXSoldM99 RRK£15,000N22 SYM£699MA12 KYM£5,000M333 RKS£350 + VATP1 MRKMake OfferL8 MONSoldMH55 GERMake OfferAR11 KKYSoldR51 CKYMake OfferRCH 45E£2,495SUE 18W£2,800 + VATBA56 SUE£1,200SG58 SUE£400SUE 286G£1,200 + VATSUE 4£50,000SUE 21WSoldBD54 SUESoldB164 SUE£900 + VATE431 SUE£950 + VATH7 SUE£3,600 + VATT30 SUESoldB754 SUE£900 + VATK777 SUE£1,300 + VATSUE 53R£3,000 + VATSUE 609W£2,150E731 SUE£800 + VATB416 SUE£900 + VATPE10 SUE£1,250SUE 616W£1,300 + VATC20 SUS£82042 SUSoldS1 UEE£2,450SU54 NSXSold342 SMSoldSUA 5H£3,450SU12 SUZ£200SU21 FUN£1,500ST51 VEN£4,999STE 4K£25,000ST05 EVESoldSTE 678L£1,800STE 4L£12,000 + VATMEG 66Y£3,250Y35 MEGSoldAN18 MEG£600MEG 21E£2,600 + VATPEG 100£4,000N70 PEGMake OfferOO04 PEG£2,300N882 PEG£400 + VATM29 RRG£575MAR 60T£25,000SAZ 21£5,000J444 SSCSoldAA65 SAR£400 + VATSA15 AHSSoldY66 SAS£850CR15 NYESoldW25 CHR£650W21 CRSSoldCR15 ROO£495E1 JUU£1,000GIL 1718SoldN30 DTRSoldSH10 ABY£6,000V14 NTO£800BA55 STR£1,000JN55 JAY£1,100JIL 7877£1,350H14 BKP£650HOT 111J£4,750W1 ANMSoldD1 AOB£895AD 3SoldSM14 NNS£1,500D14 NASSoldE4 YPTSoldD1 FRSSoldL61 LLY£3,450R121 ANNSoldJUI 1439Make OfferDY10 ANSSoldH1 MJUSoldD1 SFDMake OfferDH11 ANESoldAU55 SYE£1,800 + VATOP71 GAL£650WAH 44BSold49 ADSoldLIL 373SoldOO11 ANF£9,600GHO 5E£9,750LIL 343SoldAS14 AMLMake OfferN24 RUN£1,250XRH 14N£4,450M4 LHY£15,000DP11 ZZA£8,750DA55 ZZA£2,800JIL 6269£950GIL 244SoldGIL 755SoldLIL 511SoldR321 BRYSoldLIL 577SoldUBR 14NSoldBRY 13X£1,200 + VATBRY 895Y£900 + VATNAW 9B£12,000LIL 779SoldE18 TRC£4,000BJU 114N£750L300 TAJ£799AD51 MEDMake OfferLIL 755SoldLIL 688£1,250LIL 588SoldLIL 533SoldLIL 557SoldLIL 488£3,450LIL 334SoldLIL 244SoldGIL 665£1,600GIL 566£1,750GIL 556SoldK121 ANX£1,500K121 ANR£1,500K121 ANP£1,500611 LSSoldN555 EYE£500ADY 877D£1,200PR71 YDEMake OfferLA13 TEC£750V2 GRC£1,750OO07 GLLMake OfferD1 VWRMake OfferCH19 WEL£9,750GIL 440£1,600TOM 121SSoldM240 TOM£1,200 + VATR10 TOM£1,800EV04 TOM£1,99544 TOMSoldR15 TOMSoldN12 TOMSoldE15 TOMSoldP911 TOMSoldAM18 TOM£1,000TOM 11XSoldTOM 777ESoldOR19 TOMMake OfferY6 TOM£4,500TOM 77S£3,950W200 TOM£1,400 + VATTOM 70T£3,000 + VATE12 TOM£1,995L13 TAWSold321 TSoldT5 HRW£950E5 TRC£300W54 LLY£2,250WU11 BOY£2,950W111 WBFSoldWIL 477SoldWIL 4443£1,500L666 LRWSoldWZ 5Make OfferBIL 8548£1,000 + VATBIL 942£2,500W111 YJHSoldW511 MON£3,450JOS 5W£2,950WIL 553SoldWIL 2540Make OfferBIL 700SoldWUI 199Make OfferAM10 RAL£600E14 CALSoldALL 14S£5,500 + VATT555 ALL£300 + VATALM 26ASoldALN 864Y£800 + VATV60 ALN£700 + VATM777 ALH£295SAL 528T£1,200 + VATN28 ALY£1,000 + VATN29 ALY£1,000 + VATALZ 8403£500 + VATAL06 EEXSoldSX06 ALX£250MU54 ALHSoldALF 520Y£900 + VATD533 ALF£450 + VATM25 ALN£1,000AL13 URT£550N10 VAL£2,000K8 ALT£600C2 VAL£2,995ALZ 1971SoldAL52 ASH£1,299WH08 SAL£699SAL 99R£3,2002 ALE£10,000ALZ 1000£1,950 + VATAL03 MCDSoldDAL 66S£2,500 + VATP100 CAL£750 + VATDU13 GALMake OfferHAL 66Y£1,800 + VATJ58 HAL£3,950J77 MALSold624 VAL£2,500 + VATS7 ALYSoldC10 WALSoldV13 WALMake OfferSAL 34RSoldFA16 ALS£5,750HAL 70N£12,500 + VATM71 CALSoldM31 DAL£1,500 + VATMAL 11Y£8,995MAL 1ESoldAG21 WAL£4,250E2 ALOMake OfferJ62 VAL£750 + VATD19 ALXSoldC81 MAL£2,500 + VAT5017 AL£3,500 + VATSH19 TAL£1,750K31 WAL£4,750K31 MAL£5,750E7 SALSold2108 ALSoldCAL 73E£1,600 + VATV118 BAL£1,200 + VATJM05 WALSoldAL05 XEXMake OfferALA 170A£12,000 + VAT4444 ALSoldP777 ALFSoldMAL 895W£900 + VATMAL 22P£1,800 + VATPAL 123B£1,000 + VAT390 VAL£3,000 + VATK11 VAL£900 + VATN2 VAL£1,800 + VATVAL 28S£2,000 + VATVAL 352Y£700 + VATVAL 37T£2,000 + VATVAL 526Y£800 + VATVAL 826Y£650 + VATVAL 848G£700 + VATY2 VAL£2,500 + VATYAL 3S£5,500 + VATMM13 EAL£650ALZ 665£700 + VATM58 HAL£1,500 + VATVAL 8X£3,000 + VATALP 478R£700 + VATSAL 3EMake Offer429 ALFSoldALZ 3396£425 + VATR80 ALFSoldALX 1ASoldK23 WAL£1,200 + VATL11 ALS£2,000 + VATA3 EAL£3,500Y111 ALMMake OfferDS69 ALYMake OfferT18 MAL£1,000 + VATAL11 FOX£4,750CU12 PAL£1,950ALC 96M£1,200 + VATTAL 114A£7,500ALP 439V£1,000 + VATME61 CAL£6,500 + VATMAL 519P£1,000 + VATY999 SAL£1,100 + VATJ60 DAL£500 + VATAR71 VALMake OfferD58 HAL£1,500 + VATGK60 ALSMake Offer6011 AL£4,500 + VATALP 427R£900 + VATM5 SAL£2,800 + VATY14 LAN£1,400 + VATRN70 NYS£2,950TON 150£17,000A20 NHYSoldAT53 ANTSoldTON 679Make OfferS777 ANT£650S88 PAT£1,800D21 PAT£1,100Y10 PAT£1,300PAT 804W£800 + VATPAT 5MSoldPAT 226W£900D218 PATSoldPAT 180W£800 + VATPAT 839R£850 + VATD588 PAT£600 + VATD823 PAT£600 + VATD907 PAT£500 + VATM10 PAT£1,200 + VATPAT 309W£900 + VATR400 PAT£900 + VATW16 PAT£1,100 + VATPAT 20LMake OfferPAT 577Y£900 + VATX9 PAT£3,000 + VATPAT 536W£800 + VATPS55 PAT£1,400S10 PAP£450LIB 7900SoldLIB 293SoldEV11 MAESoldL22 MAEMake OfferF9 AMMSoldM4 HVLSoldM21 RRY£1,200 + VATMA71 AHSMake OfferSIB 6825£600SIL 55SoldSIG 99£2,450 + VATSIA 1860£900 + VATSIA 847£1,300 + VATSIL 6292£350 + VATSIW 39£1,400 + VATSIB 7900£500 + VATSIW 4713£300 + VATSIB 92£2,500 + VATN22 SYM£699S1 PAMSoldSY52 MON£800JS51 MCN£800SB15 HDPSoldS1 KBLSoldS8 RNS£1,000Y511 MONSoldS1 MNNSoldS15 EST£750 + VATS1 LNGMake OfferK27 SJMSoldK31 SJMSoldS1 JTW£2,200S1 CFO£10,000S1 ADL£3,000SC55 GERMake OfferT200 JULSoldJUI 4421Make OfferC4 JUESoldJU13 JAG£1,499X16 JGLMake OfferJU11 LLL£700K30 ARN£800H7 KLT£75080 KGSoldKAZ 47SoldNU04 KARMake OfferKAZ 2298SoldKAZ 5104SoldK24 ARNSoldKAZ 9511Sold4 CFYSoldCAZ 1895SoldNY18 DAN£1,000KR10 DAN£750E742 DAN£1,100MG51 DANMake OfferG839 DAN£850 + VATDAN 396VMake OfferDAN 7T£8,500A342 DAN£900 + VATS9 DAN£6,00020 DANMake OfferDAN 544B£2,200 + VATG940 DAN£700G5 DAN£5,215D44 NNS£5,500 + VAT85 DN£9,000DA71 ELAMake OfferDA71 ELS£9,995DA12 ELTMake OfferDA71 ELRMake OfferDA71 ELBMake OfferHEL 8N£27,000 + VATH19 ADMSoldH31 LNS£2,500 + VATOO05 HELSoldP121 CEH£1,750HH05 HSHMake OfferA7 HELMake OfferDB11 TOPSoldW13 CKS£19,599M9 RTS£3,500M28 TYN£1,000,000V12 FFEMake Offer3000 TJMake OfferA12 DBX£4,250D8 SUV£8,900MR05 RTYMake Offer8 AMSoldAM18 DBSSoldDB12 FLY£7,500 + VATK7 DBV£300AS70 NGBMake OfferC10 EMC£90034 EJ£9,500TT02 EMASoldH411 EMSSoldEM13 ELLSoldN886 EMA£800 + VATMY11 GEMSoldEGZ 7SoldTT06 GEMSoldF106 EMA£550 + VATAE53 GEMSoldJ3 MTFSoldT40 GMAMake OfferM321 NDA£3,250M4 TUW£850W500 MATSoldT88 MATSoldA47 MAT£1,500M23 ATTSoldN31 MATSoldBO55 MTYSoldY55 MATSoldMA17 TYS£2,500 + VAT7 MAT£25,00032 KEVSoldS2 KEVSoldHL04 KEVSoldK31 VTN£1,950J19 NYY£2,850P1 PHU£1,100PH11 SMB£750FIL 2666SoldFIL 188£1,250X300 JANSoldJAN 264KSoldAD03 JANSoldB835 JANSoldX27 LJCSoldBO03 JANSoldJ21 NESMake OfferJ29 NEY£1,495FT69 JAN£584T3 JANSoldJAN 98P£1,800 + VATY600 JAN£1,000 + VATB617 JAN£800 + VATL888 JAN£1,500 + VATJAN 117K£1,300 + VATE16 JAN£1,400 + VATL13 SSASoldMCL 155A£5,750L60 LUV£300L15 TDY£500L25 WAN£8508000 LMSoldF11 ESASoldLL54 GGGSoldGS 92SoldGAZ 4115SoldGAZ 2574£650GAZ 5505£750G 3SoldGAZ 4334£800 + VATGAZ 9482£750GAZ 566SoldGAZ 877SoldGAZ 5302SoldGAZ 8147SoldGFZ 464SoldB9 ARY£2,250GAZ 626£1,700GAZ 226SoldBA03 ARYSold446 GULSoldGAZ 535£1,400 + VATGAZ 588SoldGAZ 551£1,600GAZ 177SoldCA13 LRESoldX21 CLASold28 CSoldF6 CLASoldCA16 LRESoldCL14 REA£5,500 + VATN11 XXHSoldNKZ 666SoldV11 NJRSoldN160 LLA£10,000COL 117X£6,000S60 KOLSoldC19 CMBSoldCOL 11N£60,000WH02 COLMake OfferJOE 949W£1,100 + VATDJO 506R£25 + VATJOE 888W£1,850434 JOESoldJOV 31N£2,500 + VATW28 JOY£2,000T5 JOA£600AM03 JOE£900JOE 674W£1,100 + VAT986 JOESoldDJO 805S£1,200 + VATDJO 542R£25 + VATJO64 NNESoldV19 JOY£1,800C104 JOE£900 + VATBX54 JOEMake OfferEP11 JOS£1,000JO55 HAN£6,500JO14 NAS£3,0002 JOGSold411 JOESoldJOS 444HSoldHE12 JOT£1,950N121 JOESoldJK06 JOESoldJ40 JOM£400750 RJOSoldC796 JOESoldJ111 TJO£595B10 JOGMake OfferJO18 AMY£990JO02 EPH£3,000C823 JOE£800 + VATJOE 843W£1,100 + VATJO12 ANNSoldJOI 8845£900 + VATJOY 180V£800 + VATX70 JOY£950JOS 11XSoldOO08 JOYMake OfferJOD 116L£2,000 + VATJOE 68W£2,700 + VATJO 4926£5,555DJO 541R£50 + VATDJO 529R£25 + VATDJO 546R£25 + VATDJO 543R£25 + VATJOD 119C£1,800 + VATAD55 JEN£1,000X14 JNYSoldJ83 NNYSoldL5 JENSoldJEN 11SSoldN66 BAB£625S400 BAB£1,200BAB 55XSold434 BABMake OfferBAB 441L£600 + VATF10 BAB£800GE02 GCE£2,000GEO 11SoldG30 RDESoldGE02 FGY£450AB09 GEOMake OfferP6 KONMake OfferNMP 1SoldNEL 1F£4,000NWE 5TSoldN31 LLX£2,750L9 KTH£450K31 HTH£1,750K333 RTHSoldKE22 ETH£5,995K55 TTHSold85 KJMake OfferR888 ANG£1,200 + VATH36 ANG£1,200 + VATB16 ANG£4,250 + VATH45 ANGSoldAN60 LAXSoldV77 ANJ£500AA09 ANG£750 + VATDA02 ANGMake OfferA9 NGEMake OfferCAZ 1661SoldCAZ 8700SoldCAZ 1371SoldCB10 LYNSoldCAZ 4595SoldCAZ 5517SoldCAZ 5351SoldCU14 NANMake OfferNAN 7YMake OfferN600 ANN£1,100 + VATE903 ANN£800 + VATMCA 11NMake OfferN1 KAN£2,900ANN 444XSoldW666 BEL£600B19 ANE£2,950MR02 ANN£1,650W55 SHASoldHAN 11A£12,000HAN 3E£8,000ANN 8A£11,000X3 ANNSoldANA 11CSoldSUS 7E£11,00097 GMSoldA7 XKASoldAAN 417D£1,500H15 CBDMake OfferL30 EDB£329A3 NETSold700 MXASold53 ANAMake OfferW44 ANNSoldJ15 RXYSoldHAN 53N£22,000 + VAT10 LFSoldWH55 ANNMake OfferSU51 SAF£1,000N3 TTF£600ANN 35T£2,600 + VATE94 ANN£1,100 + VATANN 441A£4,000 + VATA20 XWD£300 + VATX3 ANNMake OfferANN 43M£2,600 + VATL411 RAXSoldTY14 URAMake OfferL26 OLD£650L99 AURSold78 LRASoldLA22 ENSMake OfferL33 PMJ£900YEZ 2222SoldV12 LEESoldJ541 EEMSoldP541 EEM£2,950SN14 WAZ£3,450CH14 LEESoldY541 EEM£2,950E14 LEESoldL66 OCRMake OfferC673 LEE£900 + VATL33 BYL£1,250ES08 LEEMake OfferK800 LEE£1,300 + VAT541 ECM£4,950541 CEM£4,950X670 LEE£1,000 + VATLEE 89N£3,000 + VATLEE 53Y£3,000 + VATLEE 34B£3,500 + VATJ90 JAKSoldS444 JAK£900 + VATA706 JAC£800 + VATA270 JAC£800 + VAT381 JAC£4,750 + VATJ21 SHA£1,500 + VAT16 SHA£17,500SHA 173J£2,000 + VATJ121 SHA£1,200 + VATJ24 SHA£1,500 + VATNT19 SHA£1,950J321 SHA£1,200 + VATJ31 SHA£1,500 + VATSHA 70N£27,500RJ05 HAZ£295SHZ 119£1,200SHZ 656SoldSHZ 1000SoldSH14 ZAS£2,950SHZ 334SoldSH66 ZZAMake OfferSHZ 411£1,000SH60 AZZSoldSHZ 433£900SHZ 21SoldS16 APK£1,050S333 BECSoldAJ12 BECMake OfferB5 CKJ£600BX64 BEXMake OfferS263 BEC£400 + VATRB68 BEXMake OfferM789 BEC£600 + VATD123 BEK£800 + VATCP12 BECSold11 BEXSoldT44 BEK£1,800BEK 1Y£10,000REZ 144£1,250REZ 441£2,450B650 BEC£600 + VATR8 REBSoldP14 BEXMake OfferRE22 EKAMake Offer

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