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Asking Price: £400

Date Advertised: Pre Sept 2015

Keywords: valuation certified and on retaining certificate

Notes: worth £800

Seller Name: angela M.

Issue Date:

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AYSMake OfferSHZ 334£750TC53 COX£595D30 DAVMake OfferS1 LAW£8,000ARU 175S£3,500 + VATAT53 ANT£350F1 URF£1,5008 AM£75,000W511 MON£3,4508710 MC£1,650X9 DNY£600ARU 11S£6,000 + VATA85 ONS£2,450RO53 BUDMake OfferT10 OLB£500HIL 9290£900333 NXO£2,200CL19 WON£2,750SW19 WMB£7,450SW19 LTA£7,450250 PKMake OfferS4 JAS£2,500BL69 NDE£2,498 + VATMR51 CUEMake OfferS1 MNNMake OfferSHA 124N£6,000S15 EST£750 + VATAA58 LLY£500A17 JAS£1,600J845 TON£4,750K31 RGN£1,65025 FAMake OfferS1 LKKMake OfferMA11 ONX£1,000111 JDC£7,995AM18 DBS£2,250ROY 540EMake Offer446 GUL£650JAZ 277£1,500EU06 CUPMake OfferJ600 HOB£800SH66 ZZA£1,500AD10 SYU£1,345N333 JON£1,500 + VATCMA 110N£3,800SHZ 411£1,000B14 CON£11,000 + VATSH60 AZZ£950K44 BSB£300M12 JON£2,500 + VATHO10 RAYMake OfferWIL 8285£700 + VATHIL 5150£800 + VATS1 LNGMake OfferN77 JON£1,500 + VATW777 JON£1,300 + VAT18 YE£11,995C19 CMBMake OfferF50 EBO£10,000AA66 ONN£4,960K7 DBV£300OPR 8£20,000FLY 917TMake OfferTV 2£59,995SHZ 433£900SHZ 21£3,450FPA 101£3,000 + VATDR55 FOX£899 + VATL14 OVE£10,000AA09 NAG£300L8 MON£3,000YE55 SON£2,000 + VATP24 JAY£5,000 + VATK27 SJM£900RH19 NDA£2,500 + VATR82 BBY£1,500 + VATJ20 RON£900 + VATL19 RON£1,200 + VATRON 17H£1,200 + VATRON 484Y£800 + VATRON 623Y£900 + VATMR54 XON£4,000 + VATS30 DON£3,500 + VATM25 ONY£1,500 + VATK20 TON£500 + VATTON 70Y£2,000 + VATON56 JON£599X007 DBXMake OfferDO03 NNA£5,000JON 45S£3,499L27 ONA£1,995L28 ONA£1,995J95 ONR£2,495M25 ONS£4,450AD16 SON£3,995M25 SON£4,995L25 SON£3,495N27 SON£3,995L31 NYY£599AS07 TON£6,495MON 41B£1,500 + VATL200 JON£1,200 + VATL80 JAS£1,850H17 YVNMake OfferDEZ 2521£150K31 SJM£900BGH 2S£900OO70 KAY£5,499RON 588£3,500 + VATJ1 HDN£599FFY 1£15,000L11 USB£25013 DES£3,500EP05 XXX£300R7 SNY£385K25 ONY£1,000 + VATHIG 511£1,950DON 6S£7,450HAZ 989Make OfferS1 CFO£10,000HIL 5511£1,085DV08 FRGMake OfferS70 HTCMake Offer3 VMCMake OfferCO17 RAO£3,450RON 363Y£700 + VATG11 BON£3,495

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