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Asking Price: £810

Date Advertised: Pre Sept 2015

Keywords: B9 • ATR • aircraft • atr72 • arthur • bat • at the reces • subaru b9 • beat •

Notes: Reasonable offers considered :)

Seller Name: Theresa O.

Issue Date:

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B9 TMSMake OfferB9 ARY£2,250B9 FSA£600S10 PAP£450CAT 286X£1,300PAP 933£250KAT 90V£1,80018 PKJ£6,9954 PDJ£5,500PAT 5M£1,750PAT 856R£750A3 KAT£1,100250 PKMake OfferCAT 485K£1,400F6 PADMake Offer4 PDJ£5,500D23 PATMake OfferRE11 ART£1,495XO05 ART£550RE18 ART£6,000XO70 ART£750T777 ART£800 + VATW444 ART£500 + VATB71 ART£1,000 + VATK31 ART£750ST09 ARTMake OfferK28 ART£800 + VATL7 ARF£880 + VATB8 PKY£10,000X100 KWHMake OfferBN16 ELS£2,750JNZ 1066Make OfferJU57 LUK£1,650L9 KTH£450E1 JUU£1,000JON 705W£1,300 + VATR3 AJM£975R47 RODMake OfferMY60 JHN£200C14 CYA£399BO11 LER£10,000A6 GTV£1,400C648 JON£900 + VAT9 PPS£10,000L11 KTTMake Offer2 GHT£10,000HE17 TONMake OfferW13 CKS£19,599V1 ATA£1,000M4 TUW£850P71 MOM£400C4 TOC£995W1 FAT£2,250BHA 7T£12,000 + VATL1 NXT£1,000X7 WRC£1,000A6 ATA£1,500N22 SYM£699P16 TDW£500K8 ALT£600H7 KLT£750X6 JJP£1,200G10 DEN£2,500D21 PAT£1,100D4 TERMake OfferFU11 FAT£11,950W500 MAT£1,500NA55 BEE£250ST03 GDT£450ST54 ORD£800CA11 JPR£550Y10 PAT£1,300K1 RUNMake OfferV1 BRTMake OfferB9 TAT£8005 EXE£99,999LBG 3£8,500RUN 12£15,00019 UNMake OfferK8 AEE£600SAZ 21£5,000111 CJC£5,250126 LVP£2,500GUI 211£10,0006 GYJ£1,999HA17 TONMake OfferH1 NHSMake OfferMCA 1T£1,600AB16 JON£1,750DDD 4D£1,900V8 MASMake OfferR888 MEHMake OfferLIW 666£1,199SH11 TOT£9,999ROA 57S£2,995T88 MATMake OfferK80 ONRMake OfferM9 TFYMake OfferG13 CAB£2,600L444 TRS£750 + VATYPA 73L£2,450D6 CUB£35012 BH£15,000AT18 TOYMake OfferPAT 804W£750 + VATBIG 595£1,750140 MPHMake OfferANA 77A£4,750555 ESMake OfferBIG 616Make Offer74 JHN£3,995NAT 57A£1,950774 JON£4,999NUD 534£3,995J511 DHU£4,750M24 TUL£2,500P24 TTJ£1,500V777 ARMMake OfferKH04 JONMake OfferPN16 ELS£2,9504 CFYMake OfferMJ02 NNY£5,000JON 590W£1,250 + VAT3 BTOMake OfferR500 SJE£349FA 6Make OfferH8 UVW£450P10 GBWMake OfferAVT 14R£4,500 + VATM888 ANCMake OfferH7 KTSMake OfferHU11 RAT£600F2 DGEMake OfferN6 ASTMake OfferOE63 AMG£700VAR 9Y£2,500FS11 NGH£10,000TO05 JCK£750N9 NAT£3,50078 FZ£3,300F8 GEDMake OfferROI 187£1,100L8 ABXMake OfferTKA 7E£8,000M23 ATT£600 + VATJON 61Y£2,000 + VATRW03 WAT£400R47 WAN£999H8 COP£10,000AB10 CATMake OfferH14 UAE£17,500K8 NAV£1,500EU20 BYEMake OfferE19 JON£1,700 + VATGH55 EFC£1,500MTY 1£35,000K26 RYN£1,150IIG 666£2,600K8 MUM£10,000HE19 TON£5,000 + VAT5555 EHMake OfferKAT 26C£1,250 + VATPA55 DAT£22,500FAT 13Y£1,500 + VATC18 JPP£795HE11 KAT£8,000RS62 MAT£600 + VATV999 MAT£1,100 + VATN300 MAT£1,000 + VATM8 PSC£475D11 NKY£18,870BPB 354£2,995S1 WFD£1,495B16 KGP£1,295OAN 865£2,495RA11 RAY£5,000AFZ 559£1,250AFZ 883£1,050P24 TTS£2,750LFZ 969£399GFZ 464£399HFZ 494£399LF11 TEF£7003000 TJMake OfferNTY 742£1,995J4 PFAMake OfferV11 NJR£1,000N1 TAT£1,000 + VATAV14 TAR£2,500NWE 5T£4,750PAJ 4Y£4,450N31 MAT£1,5002 JOG£20,000R47 RODMake OfferK90 KLE£500V13 TLE£1,200 + VATM800 GUN£1,000HC53 BMW£600T90 CAT£1,250EC51 ACY£17,500 + VATGSK 323£1,390V12 ATE£290 + VATHEZ 39£900 + VATCAT 13S£4,995N666 LAB£1,000Y55 MAT£2,000ROS 50£75,000SW19 LTA£7,450WEA 7Make OfferTE11 JCB£790BE11 MTC£650HU11 WAY£1,450HU11 TAR£1,715SH19 TAL£1,75025 FAMake OfferC8 CAR£7,000HAT 97Y£1,200 + VATC4 SBN£360AD10 SYU£1,345N333 JON£1,500 + VATK44 BSB£300UKZ 112£595K888 TTYMake OfferN77 JON£1,500 + VATW777 JON£1,300 + VATTH20 ATY£1,995OPR 8£20,000110 USE£14,000HEZ 7797£300 + VATM28 DAT£400 + VATCAT 21H£1,250 + VAT4 RAB£125,000FPA 101£3,000 + VATK900 BUG£1,000 + VATS555 MAT£899A10 AHT£6,000NAT 442R£1,000 + VATMA17 TYS£2,500 + VATPAT 180W£800 + VATPAT 839R£850 + VATP7 PAT£2,200 + VATA427 PAT£450 + VATD588 PAT£600 + VATD823 PAT£600 + VATD907 PAT£500 + VATM10 PAT£1,200 + VATPAT 309W£900 + VATR400 PAT£900 + VATW16 PAT£1,100 + VATPL19 TES£5,000 + VATP27 TTY£4,500 + VATSW11 AAT£3,000SAT 132S£700 + VATSAT 14N£5,500 + VATTXI 244£595OCZ 884£395HBZ 885£395KA20 ATY£750KA20 ATH£750FAT 711Y£2,499WH07 HAT£1,7508 RAT£30,000WAT 32R£3,350E4 TNG£90027 NU£5,250PAT 57Y£1,400 + VATX9 PAT£3,000 + VATMR11 PTL£1,550LA20 ADY£750KAT 91H£1,500 + VATFFY 1£15,000WA54 AAPMake OfferK28 KAT£900 + VATK29 KAT£900 + VATTT54 TAT£350K31 RAT£3,750MIG 595£1,750PAT 404W£1,000 + VATK121 ANP£1,500LE55 TOPMake OfferTED 70S£1,500A14 NFM£795OO07 AGBMake OfferW88 AKKMake Offer42 FT£8,500SAM 27S£2,995CL07 HED£2,000X666 YAM£600T11 EBB£5,000K33 ETU£600SM16 GYZ£1,600TR64 EES£400 + VATG8 HOYMake OfferK2 SUBMake OfferSC66 BBY£1,00025 SU£7,995BA55 SUB£1,849MY06 WRX£50022 B£99,995

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