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Asking Price: £2,800

Date Advertised: 10th Jun 2020

Keywords: ARABELLA • BELLA • ELLA • AR •

Notes: This Number Plate is held on retention,i have the retention certificat here to hand and its ready to assign.

The sale is for the retention certificate not for the vehicle the number is displayed on.

Seller Name: jan P.

Issue Date:

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ART£500 + VATCB10 LYN£699N911 CAR£600K90 KLE£500HC53 BMW£600L30 EDB£429L999 TJB£450SN 99£12,000L24 RUN£950CAZ 1895£700DAZ 233£1,500RR08 CBR£900SHZ 334£750EC51 ACY£17,500 + VATNU04 KARMake OfferMY06 WRX£500J700 ARD£400RES 2£7,999CX17 JAG£2,00069 NU£9,500ARU 175S£3,500 + VATF1 URF£1,5008 AM£75,000KAZ 2298£500DAZ 1443£79522 B£99,995SA10 PETMake OfferARU 11S£6,000 + VATWED 905Make OfferR7 XJDMake OfferCA16 LREMake OfferG8 STW£1,000ROS 50£75,000HE12 JOT£1,950T121 BTO£4,750BAZ 3849£550 + VAT250 PKMake OfferGAZ 226£1,500KOW 62£1,800JAG 3£50,000M4 RRY£10,999M20 PRKMake Offer5 TOY£20,000BA03 ARY£3,500DAZ 5012£875J845 TON£4,750R321 BRY£500C8 CAR£7,000BAR 509Y£600 + VATAM18 DBS£2,250OO70 SPYMake Offer446 GUL£850B71 ART£1,000 + VATSH66 ZZAMake OfferK6 XFS£500 + VATBAZ 8878£650 + VATAD10 SYU£1,345J111 MARMake OfferGT20 MCL£1,800CR15 DUB£2,000SHZ 411£1,0001 HSA£35,000GAR 174Y£1,200M4 RAR£3,000BAB 643S£600 + VATSH60 AZZ£950B19 ARP£5002108 AL£5,7506 ED£49,995JAG 976V£800 + VATJAG 64N£2,700 + VATJAG 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595£1,750LIL 488£3,450GAZ 588£1,600GAZ 551£1,600GAZ 177£1,750DAZ 996£1,750DAZ 551£1,750DAZ 544£1,600

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