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Asking Price: £350

Date Advertised: 28th Jan 2021

Keywords: Love to Ems (Emily) • Emma • Emily • Ems • AM • 02

Notes: On a retention certificate. Never been put on the car I have brand new number plates ready with AM02 EMS on it.

Seller Name: MARILYN R.

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RAE£11,000J1 MTP£900AMY 75S£2,995MC14 WON£999R4 AOM£6,0006 AVS£6,500AM63 ENZ£3,000C4 MYS£5,000AM15 COT£10,000W200 AMG£700 + VATTE57 FAS£4,999434 JOEMake OfferG841 PAM£6999 MAS£10,000BR03 AMO£800AMJ 40M£5,500 + VATW54 LLY£2,250D777 PAMMake OfferJAM 337£4,650ADZ 7239£998HAM 4N£11,000 + VATM315 HAM£600 + VATJ4 AMY£4,995R1 TGG£1,000PAP 933£250BIG 199£2,750J64 MES£7,495WU11 BOY£2,950B19 DMO£795K99 AMY£1,650J10 YDB£700L88 MBY£999ADD 13Y£5,500 + VATN3 ROG£1,500V72 FCHMake OfferW111 DRY£5,000S1 PAM£2,995D14 BLO£35,000W111 WBF£1,000NA02 JAM£650WIL 4349£250JNE 4L£3,750SFW 1N£3,000SAM 705Y£2,750RDA 3R£1,000MAM 1S£17,500WIL 477£1,5008 SAM£24,995P16 SAM£100V25 SCB£350ADE 591£20,0005 EXE£99,999WIL 4443£1,50018 PKJ£6,9956 GYJ£1,999G 3£190,000PO13 SCH£1,195PJT 543£4,750N40 EAM£17,500KA55 RAM£2,000AMY 97C£3,000 + VAT50 PAM£5,500X3 AMB£3,000114 MED£12,500HOT 111J£4,75090 SJMake OfferC15 MPR£400AMY 667YMake Offer92 J£50,000Y1 JME£1,500BEN 54V£1,95023 WD£4,750MOS 5J£3,450OO70 NCE£1,995EAM 111N£1,5001 DGDMake OfferBEN 53V£4,250N5 AMSMake OfferAD 3£75,000AD 3£105,000E9 SAM£2,50038 PAM£4,800WIL 688£1,150L666 LRWMake OfferM21 RUM£1,500PAM 1K£3,950N29 AMS£800N31 JMS£900P1 AMJ£2,000BE68 MER£600SE17 MUSMake OfferSB15 HDP£2,75058 MOMake Offer4 CFYMake OfferC9 REM£449H5 GOY£90D713 RAM£599M40 SVJ£1,950200 SM£16,000AM14 AND£450Y10 SEEMake OfferFA 6Make OfferJ77 MALMake OfferR4 DCH£399BL18 CKS£2,000OO17 BAD£399SAM 779Y£2,800Y70 AMCMake OfferSAM 27S£2,995A9 UYAMake OfferH45 ANGMake OfferHL04 KEV£600P17 YNG£650C635 AMG£12,0004 PDJ£5,500WC13 OXR£895OO07 MJAMake OfferOE63 AMG£700N31 ADS£699T202 AMGMake OfferB199 EGOMake OfferXR08 SAMMake OfferAMM 1N£12,000MWC 1£35,000JAM 994N£1,000R888 BEN£1,000TT17 SAMMake OfferCA11 OFD£40,00049 ADMake OfferCAZ 1371£699GHO 5E£9,750JH55 PAM£499A53 AMG£8501 JMY£28,000JB15 HDP£2,450YE55 WON£1,500H19 ADMMake OfferWZ 5Make OfferV14 ELSMake OfferBE57 SVJ£4,450EAM 88N£1,800 + VATBIL 8548£1,000 + VATS46 PAM£1,000 + VAT171 SAM£4,950342 SM£8,000J4 PFAMake OfferS99 MMW£550S30 AMS£500VS11 NGH£12,500X666 YAM£600N21 JCM£750ADM 51A£4,500R500 OLE£750BIL 7418£750BIL 942£2,500B16 TAM£5,000B1 ANH£1,999L26 AMY£1,400Y666 AJM£550XAM 1XMake OfferWIL 2600£850B666 HAM£1,200RES 2£5,999W111 YJHMake OfferV9 EEKMake OfferW444 AMY£1,850CAM 80W£4,995JES 54M£1,600 + VATAA65 AMG£900W511 MON£3,450B2 GMEMake OfferA85 ONS£2,450M19 NDHMake Offer683 JMM£3,500AD06 DEB£230CL19 WON£2,750M21 LJC£500A17 JAS£1,450K31 MAL£5,750P999 SAM£995P16 PAM£550446 GUL£500EU06 CUPMake OfferWIL 8285£550 + VATK321 AMY£1,250 + VATK29 AMC£700 + VAT18 YE£9,995C19 CMBMake OfferK121 AMY£1,500WIL 553£1,600F9 MLBMake OfferFPA 101£3,000 + VATX55 KAM£950AM16 GTS£1,100PAM 158Y£1,000 + VATK21 JAM£900 + VATK31 JAM£900 + VATJJ51 MBO£450N7 PAM£1,800 + VATD387 PAM£450 + VATG35 PAM£1,200 + VATJ7 PAM£2,000 + VATJ9 PAM£2,000 + VATM90 PAM£1,100 + VATMR59 PAM£1,000 + VATPAM 71R£1,500 + VATR16 PAM£900 + VATT44 PAM£1,200 + VATY444 PAM£900 + VATK27 SJM£900J77 BJP£425 + VATT600 YAM£600BN55 LAM£495SM09 SAM£1,000 + VATTAM 111S£5,500 + VATTAM 11S£5,500 + VATWAH 1M£2,600 + VATE430 AMG£1,000P21 HAM£3,495S15 RJKMake OfferHAM 124J£5,500 + VATRAM 1P£4,500 + VATAR66 AMY£600BE17 MESMake Offer4 PDJ£5,500BIL 3408Make OfferK31 SJM£900OO70 KAY£5,499754 AD£10,000AM70 ARLMake OfferBIL 700Make OfferHL04 AMYMake OfferR17 PAM£800 + VATS63 GAVMake OfferXM12 FLYMake OfferM3 MOH£6,000DW08 AMG£600OO07 DXM£899AM21 TSA£2,950AM21 TSG£2,950AM21 TSH£2,950AM21 TSJ£2,950AM21 TSP£2,950CU12 MUK£1,650PAM 973£3,500PR06 AME£3,00063 AM£25,000834 AMB£5,500712 AMY£6,995TT02 ACE£850GE02 GCE£2,000JSB 202Y£950MR02 ANN£1,650GB02 ALS£299EL02 ASL£150PR02 WEDMake OfferKJ02 FOXMake OfferLJ 9027£2,800 + VATBSW 402£2,4958602 SR£2,200 + VATRS02 BUG£645302 VMMake OfferM21 ASKMake OfferNEZ 7602£200 + VATDIW 5023£650EFC 202A£550R102 CKY£1,995AAZ 4021£350

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