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Date Advertised: 15th Nov 2021

Keywords: Dog • pig sty • AD06 • ST • SY •

Notes: Is your car or van permanently messy because of your dogs?

Does it look like a pig sty?

Great opportunity to purchase this unique number plate.

Place the plastic screw cap in the right place and it's even better!

Could make a great present.

This registration can be assigned to vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2006.

Number is held on Certificate of Entitlement Document V750 and Assignment Fee has already been paid so there are no additional or hidden costs.

Proof of ownership can be supplied prior to purchase.
Certificate number will be supplied on completion of purchase so new owner can register it direct with DVLA.

Seller Name: Alison W.

Issue Date:

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AD06 GSDSold

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