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Asking Price: £12,000

Date Advertised: 22nd Jan 2020

Keywords: BLA • BL • BA • BLACK • LA

Notes: The plate is on Retention.

Seller Name: Brian A.

Issue Date:

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ALL£7,500R123 MFC£1,250SHZ 119£1,200Y6 RFCMake OfferD6 CUB£350BA18 OAS£2,750C6 AFCMake OfferANN 8A£11,000X100 KWHMake Offer220 BA£4,000 + VATBIG 595£1,750140 MPHMake Offer555 ESMake Offer3 BTOMake OfferB8 RTW£995L111 BAE£600XBA 22Y£2,750FA 6Make OfferAA05 BAZMake OfferOO17 BAD£399S8 RNS£1,000MY18 ROXMake OfferBN16 ELS£2,750H45 ANGMake OfferPO18 GBAMake OfferH5 UTDMake OfferM13 BAD£75025 SU£7,995WC13 OXR£895T4 UTSMake OfferV1 GBAMake OfferJAM 994N£1,000TIK 16£2,850E1 RFC£2,200CR58 BAMMake OfferB44 RET£2,500 + VATIIG 666£2,600NFC 1X£3,450C4 BBE£1,495BA55 SUB£1,849J4 PFAMake Offer21 FC£13,500B9 ARY£2,250P1 GDS£900VEL 44R£8,950JNZ 1066Make OfferBA11 NZD£1,950BA11 NZJ£2,450BA11 NZN£1,950SN 99£12,000SHZ 334£7508 AM£75,00022 B£99,995BAZ 3849£550 + VATBA03 ARY£3,500BAS 111S£3,500 + VAT149 MFCMake OfferR321 BRY£50025 FAMake OfferBAR 509Y£600 + VATBAZ 8878£650 + VAT34 BAMake OfferSHZ 411£1,000BAB 643S£600 + VATM24 BAD£600 + VATB14 LES£5,500 + VATSH60 AZZ£950B19 ARP£5002108 AL£5,750BAZ 7360£600 + VATV118 BAL£1,200 + VATSHZ 21£3,450C3 BOY£8004 RAB£79,999BAB 441L£600 + VAT10 LF£12,000YOU 848E£10,200S5 BAY£800F1 PFC£1,950SFU 12S£2,250ST09 ARTMake OfferT4 OPR£600BAH 955£2,250BA 7149£3,995MIG 595£1,750UAE 50Make OfferFL15 BBEMake Offer69 NU£9,500WP54 BAB£350BAN 287G£500 + VATA957 BAB£395A29 BAB£750451 BAX£2,995JU57 LUK£1,650E1 JUU£1,000R888 ANG£1,200 + VATY777 ANG£1,000 + VATT900 ANJ£300 + VATANG 87C£1,800 + VATH36 ANG£1,200 + VATJ90 KWH£599T16 APH£495AM15 COT£10,000TE57 FAS£4,999MC14 RUNMake OfferC14 CYA£399G9 LXY£700G841 PAM£699L99 AURMake OfferY14 LAN£1,400 + VATTE20 SLA£11,995D777 PAMMake OfferC10 KYS£220MCL 155A£5,750PAP 933£250L44 DDD£500M25 ALN£1,000X7 WRC£1,000L88 MBY£999L90 JOH£450H7 KLT£750X6 JJP£1,200V12 FFEMake OfferS1 PAM£2,995ALZ 1971£450ST03 GDT£450ST54 ORD£800CA11 JPR£550Y10 PAT£1,300GA14 HADMake OfferMEL 57W£2,995DOL 44R£3,5009 GSK£6,995V5 LARMake Offer5 EXE£99,999DIG 8977Make Offer614 SS£8,500GUI 211£10,0006 GYJ£1,999AL03 MCD£800C18 OCL£550TES 7TMake OfferL5 LOLMake Offer7 AVR£7,80050 PAM£5,500F1 CUB£3,500N200 SHEMake OfferCA13 LRE£350L80 VES£3,180X21 CLA£600F1 WLWMake OfferL444 TRS£750 + VAT42 FT£8,50038 PAM£4,800MEL 1R£3,50012 BH£15,000PDO 850N£3,750P100 TLAMake Offer28 CMake OfferM4 CLKMake OfferL666 LRWMake OfferD44 RTS£5,750L411 RAX£5,450PAM 1K£3,950V777 ARMMake OfferROU 1A£1,950HIL 544£1,4504 CFYMake OfferD15 CCO£4,750M222 ELBMake OfferM40 SVJ£1,950Y10 SEEMake OfferC4 NGE£2,100R4 DCH£39914 MELMake OfferA9 UYAMake OfferCAZ 1661Make OfferNKZ 666£1,250V111 ACA£160F2 DGEMake Offer4 GTLMake OfferDY10 ANSMake OfferOE63 AMG£700VAR 9Y£2,500TO05 JCK£75065 OS£39,500MGB 2P£1,25078 FZ£3,300X27 LJC£700 + VATMCL 6T£25,000LT68 MCL£2,000P8 LAN£2,000L8 ABXMake OfferL7 ARF£880 + VATTY14 URAMake OfferJH55 PAM£499EU20 BYEMake OfferV13 WALMake OfferE4 FABMake OfferGH55 EFC£1,500F7 LLS£1,300G14 SES£500H19 ADMMake OfferV14 ELSMake OfferMP12 XXX£800BE57 SVJ£4,450FA16 ALS£4,9505555 EHMake OfferDHO 1S£4,500GB02 ALS£2991 PDX£7,750M222 ELL£600 + VATM12 LVA£995MY19 GTR£3,495AR08 ELA£2,800BIL 8548£1,000 + VATPA06 LAAMake OfferLFZ 969£399LF11 TEF£7003000 TJMake OfferDUG 31TMake OfferV11 NJR£1,000REL 44Y£3,450L26 OLD£650MEL 5H£6,000E3 RKNMake OfferL666 LAW£700 + VATLAW 20H£1,200 + VATN18 LAB£500 + VAT333 LA£4,000 + VATK4 ELA£999AN61 MCP£650EL02 ASL£150HC53 BMW£600L30 EDB£4291 TAF£999,999L31 THX£1,450EFF 11A£749GSK 323£1,250AN60 LAXMake OfferLA55 EBD£1,000RES 2£5,999S1 LAW£8,000L44 RFC£1,095F1 URF£1,500CA16 LREMake OfferROS 50£75,000MIL 420£2,000250 PKMake OfferMY11 CLA£700LAU 14WMake OfferS4 LAN£5,000BE11 MTC£650OH61 LLS£1,650YO61 LLS£1,650C4 SBN£360P16 PAM£550446 GUL£500G19 LLA£750GT20 MCLMake OfferJAG 47£7,000K44 BSB£300S3 GLDMake Offer18 YE£11,995C19 CMBMake OfferH6 VWW£500AA12 GAB£299K7 DBV£300HIL 577£1,450CL14 REA£5,500 + VATHIL 4161£650W41 TEP£2,000ALA 170A£12,000 + VATFPA 101£3,000 + VATS14 DYM£340K900 BUG£1,000 + VATF1 EDJ£60,000KAZ 9511£300N30 LAW£900 + VATLE11 AHY£2,450P14 YSS£1,200 + VATPL19 TES£5,000 + VATBN55 LAM£495Y50 ANG£650E430 AMG£1,000EN68 LNDMake OfferDE14 LAH£3,995DE12 VLA£12,495B108 LRA£460FA57 URS£2,495LAK 57A£800 + VATAS07 TON£4,750X92 GABMake OfferOV51 SZD£10,000F6 CLA£350 + VATRA19 NGEMake OfferY444 LAWMake OfferLAD 406£1,000F111 LAMMake OfferFFY 1£15,000TR64 EES£400 + VATAV70 DORMake OfferN600 CKY£900K121 YLA£500 + VATG8 HOYMake Offer14 DUGMake OfferHIL 5511£1,085LA11 UKE£750LA51 EEE£995

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