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149 MFC

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Date Advertised: 21st Dec 2020

Keywords: Morris minor • Millwall fc • millwall • Middlesbrough fc • Middlesbrough • morcombe fc • morcombe • Manchester City • Manchester City fc • Manchester United • Manchester United • manchester city • mufc • mcfc • manchester utd fc • manshster city fc • mufc • mcfc • manchester • fc • football • Mfc

Notes: 149 MFC
Comes with free classic Morris minor, This beautiful car drives and immaculate inside, just needs a simple repaint, the Morris minor will sell for a minimum of £8k on its own!
Private car registration for all Football fans!
Manchester United Fc or Manchester City Fc, Middlesbrough fc, Millwall fc even moreCombe fc!
For all devoted football clubs Die hard fans!
One of a kind collectible Car registration!
Price only available available for serious buyers!
Please contact as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Seller Name: Kaz C.

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