Retaining A Number Plate Is Now FREE And Easier Than Ever As DVLA Introduces New Online Service

Putting a number plate on retention is now FREE!

The Government seems to always be telling us that they’re short of money, so anyone whose reg is held on a retention certificate and not on a vehicle may have been looking nervously at the yearly renewal fee of £25. That fee has not changed since its introduction, back when the railways ran on steam, a pint cost 20p and a brand new Mini was just £600. In that time, the price of that British motoring icon has increased more than twenty-fold.

Monday the 9th of March 2015 marks the long-awaited change in the fee, to…..


(drumroll please)


£0, nothing, zilch, nada!!

Putting a number plate on retention is now FREE!


You can view a copy of the email we received detailing some of the changes here:

One of the main stumbling blocks to future number plate ownership has gone in one fell swoop. Now you can buy your little toddler their very own private plate and pay nothing more until they get their first car for their 18th! Before now, every year meant a £25 cheque, a postage stamp and the worry of whether or not it would get lost, but from Monday the certificate will be valid for 10 long years, after which time it can be renewed for no charge.

Also, if you like the year’s new numbers but cannot afford the car yet, it now costs nothing more to buy the plate today and wait until you can afford the car!

In similar fashion, the £25 fee to change the nominee disappears as well from Monday 9th March.

The only fee to put a number plate onto your car or transfer it to another car is now the £80 assignment fee, which is included with all DVLA purchases and most dealer purchases, however if you’re buying privately, always check with the seller.

The good news does not end there, from 23rd March, the DVLA will pilot a new service that will allow you to put your personalised registration numbers on retention online.

You’ll receive instant confirmation that your personalised registration number has been put on retention and will instantly be told what the replacement registration number for the vehicle will be. No more waiting around for days for your paperwork, now you can complete one simple online form, and swap the plates over straight away.

If you’ve not already had the plates made up, not to worry, the new eV948 certificate will be available for download online, which you can present along with your paperwork to have replacement number plates made up.

It’s rare that Government seems to get it right so let’s celebrate a new era of treatment for motorists!

Next stop, lenient spacing rules? Who knows?!


March 07, 2015

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