New Number Plate Record Set, Just As We Predicted!

25 O record breaking private number plate

If you followed the 25th anniversary DVLA number plate auction like us, then you’ll probably now consider yourself a Ferrari expert after Ferrari plates stole all the headlines and broke a record!

If you missed it, here’s what you need to know – a new British record was set for the most expensive plate ever to be sold at a DVLA auction, when the hammer went down at a total of £518,480 for 25 O!

The buyer, John Collins, owner of Talacrest the classic Ferrari dealers, also shelled out £130,328 for the registration 250 L.

The reaction to the purchase has varied from the DVLA Event Manager’s “surprise” to “he must have more money than sense” from the jealous. “Quality sells” to quote Tim Wonnacott from BBC’s Bargain Hunt. Ask Nick Mason who ploughed £35k of the profits from “Dark Side of the Moon” into one of 39 Ferrari 250 GTOs in 1973. After 40 years of racing, it’s now worth several hundred times more!

Incidentally, we predicted this record break over a month ago! A plate like this will always sell and when it’s going onto a car worth £10 million, it doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea any more!

The auction took place at the Vale Resort near Cardiff last week. No less than 37 plates exceeded £10,000 after fees and tax, 11 of them in the originally despised “new format”. RH14 NNA the singer marginally shaded RH14 NON by Fleetwood Mac, with them fetching £23,408 and £19,520 respectively. BE11 AMY also made £19,520 although whether it was linked to the footballer or The Archers was not clear! Jazz singer CU11 ENS exceeded both at £26,648 holding back beer favourite FU11 ERS on £23,148. CL14 RES, SH14 RON and CA11 LUM all featured lower down the list just ahead of FA11 GUY, the highest non-personalised item on £13,040.

MC14 REN disappointed after all the hype on £20,038 trailing its Porsche rival 964 RS on £26,259 but just pipping 911 GTS on £19,779. One would like to think that the well-known Wiggly Jelly Pony forked out the £27,296 for WJP 1 but as yet this is unconfirmed! 800 O at £25,092 was yet another example of the “letter-less” registrations beloved in the Middle East. Finally, the DVLA broke the “no sex” rule with the cheeky SEX 1E on £21,593. The owner may be disappointed when they see the XX 15 EXY series come out in 2015!

As far as groups of letters go, 12 averaged higher, 3 lower and 3 roughly the same. Those like DAM 1 and F2 OOO were down on a higher volume although the recently popular group that includes 1997 LE was down with a significant percentage (16%) unsold. The new format average was down slightly at £6,392 but on double the volume which bodes well for the future. It was also the third highest average after the 25 O category and 250 L (unsurprisingly!)

The figures show that with quality offerings, buyers are ready to part with significant cash. The overall take was £4,974,315 for the Treasury (i.e. you and I), 19.5% up on September 2014. Without the two stars of the show, note that this drops to 4%.

Compared to September 2004 after index-linking, the overall total is up by some £300k. However, on that occasion there were fewer lots sold (879) averaging £5,255 per lot compared to £3,430 last week. This means as the pool of desirable shorter numbers dries up, the DVLA will have to rely more on quantity rather than the quality of this occasion.

This article was provided by Mike Oyston (@DesirableNumber on Twitter). Mike is an expert in all things number plates and has some stock of his own including the fantastic ET11HAD on our site! You can get him on Twitter, or visit his Facebook page for more of his amazing research.

November 30, 2014

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